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You Need a Date Night

Date Nights are important to marriage for lots of reasons. They provide us with an opportunity to connect with this God-ordained relationship without the normal distractions of life. We can take a break from our regular routines and really focus on our spouse. This connection is crucial for long-term marriage success. The distractions we face every day chip away at our bond, and it becomes all too easy for the enemy to creep in and further destroy our connection.

Photo courtesy of Nathan Dulao via Upsplash

Not all date nights have to be expensive or time consuming. Nor do they have to happen at night!

My husband and I tend to have two kinds of dates:

  • working dates - these are great for planning. We talk about gift buying at birthdays and Christmas; planning for summer and the new year; we discuss the school calendar when it comes out. These are generally lunchtime dates when they kids are at school. I come armed with my list and we work through everything without little ears eavesdropping or little mouths asking questions. This kind of date is crucial for continuing to strengthen the foundation of marriage. These logistical issues need to be addressed or miscommunication and calendar conflicts abound.

  • romantic dates - these are what most people typically think of as a date. We generally dress up a bit, go out in public, focus on each other. There may be lots of eye gazing and hand holding. This kind of date is essential for the intimacy part of our marriage. We need to remember why we fell in love with our spouse in the first place. Romantic dates are the perfect place to do that.

So go. Go have some kind of date. At the time of publishing this, we are 4 days from Christmas. Take a lunch date or coffee date and review the gifts you've bought for your kids or family members. Is there more to do? Have you decided which church service you are attending for Christmas?

Or go out tonight. It doesn't have to cost a lot. Just take time to remember why you fell in love with this wonderful person.

With love,

💖 Andrea

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