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Why should I study the Bible when I'm married?

Updated: Oct 27

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We're all so very busy. I know you can relate. There is hardly enough time in the day for your own work, building a great marriage, taking care of kids, household maintenance tasks like cleaning and organizing. I know I fall into bed exhausted every day, and I'm fairly certain you do, too.

The thought of waking up early to study the Bible and connect with God first thing is a tough ask for many women. But it's essential for marriage. Here are four reasons you should study the Bible if you are married:

sunrise at the beach; title 4 Reasons Married Women Should Start the Day with God

  • When we start our day with God, we put our focus on Him. We give Him our day and allow Him to take care of everything that happens. When we do that, we are more likely to focus on God than our spouse (Proverbs 3:5-6).

  • When we start our day with God we take our marital concerns to God and let HIM tell us what we need to take to our husband. More often than not lately, God has been telling me to attend to MY issues before approaching my husband about the issues have with him.

  • When we start our day with God, we have a peace that goes beyond human understanding (Philippians 4:7). Then, when inevitable chaos reigns, we are prepared with supernatural peace.

  • When we start our day with God, we give ourselves something to ponder throughout the day. When we ponder Scripture, we are taking our eyes off of our circumstances and putting them onto what God tells us is most important (Philippians 4:8-9).

Those are just a few reasons and I hope you agree they are good ones!

Not sure how to study your Bible? I'll be posting some Bible studies on social media, with links here in the coming months. For now, start here. That will take you to Scriptures about marriage. Write then down in a journal or notebook. Write them down in a few different translations. Do one every day and take the rest of the day to ponder what that Scripture means in your life. What does God want from you, based on that Scripture? Do this every day and you'll be off to a fine start in grounding your marriage in Scripture.

With love,

🌸 Andrea

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