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When God Delivers You

Updated: Oct 8

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We don't often think about God delivering us in our regular lives. It's only when He delivers us in a BIG way that we realize what He's done.

I live in Central Florida and Hurricane Ian just blasted through our state. We had stronger winds and more rain than I've seen in my 20 years of Florida living. My friends on the west coast of Florida are living in sheer devastation.

My neighborhood nearly flooded. Out of 10 homes, I was one of only three that did not have some kind of pond creeping up to my front door. God delivered us. We are able to house a neighbor's horse until their new lake subsides. No one in our neighborhood, and none of my friends, experienced damage or injury...Praise God.

God Delivers Us

God delivered us from the clutches of a terrible storm. He promises He will deliver us from all kinds of harm in Psalm 40:2-3

He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and mire;
he set my feet on a rock
and gave me a firm place to stand.
He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
and put their trust in him.

God delivers us from dangers seen and unseen. We don't always know what DIDN'T happen to us. God delivers on time. God is never too late. When those winds were crashing around my house, God was there.
And when He delivers us, we have a new song - a hymn of praise.

Deliverance Is Not Always How We Think It Will Be

As a communication expert, I see that sometimes we overlook our deliverance because our circumstances are not what we expected. Perhaps five days of isolation with no electric or internet is enough to make us snappy with our spouse and kids. Perhaps we think of all the work we will have to to clean the yard AND when we return to work and a mountain of to-do items that have been waiting for us.

But God delivers us. Our job is to recognize that if he saved us from a storm (literal or symbolic), He will also provide a way for us to avoid snapping at our family members, the ability to clean up the yard, and the time to get caught up at work. If He can deliver us from one thing, like a hurricane, he can deliver us from all things that might worry us.

How Do You Experience God's Deliverance?

Maybe you believe all this but aren't sure what it really means. What are you supposed to do with this knowledge?
First, pray. Praise God for all the times He's delivered you from danger, whether you knew it or not.

Second, ask God to open your eyes to His protection. Ask Him to show you how He is taking care of you.

Third, listen. Take time to be quiet and really listen for God to answer you. He desires to speak with His children.

Fourth, praise. When you notice that God has delivered you from something, STOP and praise Him. Give thanks for the rescue. Even if you don't know the details of the peril you were rescued from, thank God for taking care of you.

Fifth, write it down. Start a new note in your phone or start a new page in your journal and label it 'Delivered.' Every time you notice God has saved you from something, write down the details and the date. Over time you'll see all the ways God is caring for you.

How has God delivered you lately? Let us know in the comments - scroll to the very bottom to comment.

In Christ
🌸 Andrea

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