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What Season Are You In?

When my youngest was a baby, and my sister had three children ages 3-10, we talked about all the "firsts." You know - first tooth, first words, first steps. Those exciting things we log in our memory books for reminiscing down the road. We adore those firsts and eagerly await each one.

My sister pointed out that we rarely acknowledge the "lasts" like we do the "firsts." And sometimes that's because we don't know that something is happening for the last time. For instance, I didn't know when my son crawled for the last time, or the last time I would pick him up before he was too big for that. We miss the last time they call us "Mommy," and the last time they play with dolls or matchbox cars.

It was a very insightful, and sad, point.

Since that time, I try to pay attention to times that may be a "last" something. Coupled with the advice from every parent to enjoy the season we are in, there's a lot to pay attention to. And it can be tough to "embrace the moment" when it involves screaming babies or teenage hormones. Yet even though there is a time for wishing for a different season, it's important to really enjoy the time we've been given - to laugh with our kids, to make memories, to spend time side by side, building a future together.

And yet...

Today my oldest began his senior year of high school. Where did the time go? I did my best to embrace every moment and not wish it away. Yet here we are. He's over 6' tall now (clearly the above picture was not taken today!), has a job, and has been admitted to college. He has dreams and is an amazing young man.

I enter today fully aware that I've entered a season of "lasts." Today was just the beginning; it was his last first day of primary school. He'll have a year of "lasts." And I'll cry my way through them all, even as I endeavor to savor the memory of every single one.

❓What season are you in? What "lasts" are you aware of in that season?

Happy Back to School!


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