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What are you willing to do❓

I have a confession to make. I'm not a "salon mani-pedi" girl. I get that it's a luxury. I get that having someone else do my nails is so much prettier than anything I can do myself. I get that having my heels scrubbed with the scary cheese grater is the best way to have sandal-ready feet all year long. However, it's just not me.

And that's the problem. You see, my husband LOVES for me to have my nails done. He also loves it when I blow dry and curl my hair (long hair in sticky that only happens in winter). But I hate getting my nails done.

Since I'm not a fan of salon mani-pedis, I generally do the task at home. But regular nail polish chips horribly. Then I have to do it again, much sooner than I would like. And seriously, who has time to sit for any nail polish to dry?

Gel systems are great (I've tried several) but while they dry fast and last a while, they also destroy my natural nails.

And I'm sure you guessed it - I'm not an artificial nails girl, either. There's nothing wrong with them - they're just not my thing.

Since this is a marriage post, let's get back to that for a minute. Some of my friends think it's horrible that I do my nails to please my husband. They insist I should just "be me" and he doesn't have to like it. And on one hand, I get that argument.

On the other hand, my husband does so much for me. He takes care of me in countless ways - many I'm sure I don't even know about. Having pretty nails seems like a small #MaritalInvestment in making my husband happy.

But I'm still stuck with chipping or destroyed nails. I did a search for gel nails that wouldn't destroy my natural nails and found this article. I decided to try the essie gel - it comes with color and clear gel top coat.

I loved it! Yes, it took some time to dry, but I found that it was a nice quiet time on a Sunday - time I'm using to learn to about Sabbath rest anyway. The polish lasts about 10 days for me (wearing gloves to do dishes). The BEST part is it does not destroy my nails. You literally hold a cotton ball with gel remover on each nail for 5 seconds, swipe down, and it comes right off! It's amazing. The colors tend to be more sheer, which I like. As I'm sure you guessed, I'm not a "bold nail polish" person, either. So these colors are perfect for me.

Best of all, my husband loves that I'm wearing nail polish regularly and not complaining about it. So as silly as it sounds, finding a nail polish I like has helped my marriage. 💜

So here are my questions for you - what are you willing to do for your spouse❓

What does your spouse like you to do❓

What can you start doing that would make your spouse happy❓

I encourage you to do it! It may take a little bit of time or inconvenience, but a successful marriage is worth the effort. Once you give it a try, tell me about it here. I'd love to hear how it goes!

With love,