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Waiting for God's Answer


I’ve been praying for a specific change in my life for a few years now. I feel it coming but God keeps telling me to wait. And wait.

I see the value in it. I really do. I was ready to take charge when Covid hit and I remember praying, “Okay, God, NOW I see why you told me to be still a bit longer!”

But it’s tough to feel change coming and feel impotent to actually make the changes.

However, God is faithful.

Recently an opportunity opened up and I’m so grateful it did. It confirms where I’ve felt God leading me.

Maybe you know where this is going next… I start praying about whether it’s time to make bigger changes. I’m getting so impatient!

Just when I was about to despair this week, someone reached out with an opportunity that confirms God is still working. He’s actively preparing me and opening doors.

The wait has not been for naught.

And neither is yours. Waiting for God to tell you it’s time (to stop, to start, to make a change…whatever your IT is) can be so defeating. But He’s preparing us during this time. So that when the time comes, we are ready to make the real difference He has planned for us.

I think I see the big change coming and I’m so excited.

I’m sure that God has amazing plans if we are patient and obedient to wait on his timing.


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