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Useful Ideas: What to do with Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards. I love giving them, with a note for each family we're sending to. I love receiving them and seeing all the different card designs. I used to have a cute wall hanger with pockets for the cards. I kept it by the front door so I could see them multiple times every day.

But then we moved. And if you've moved before, you know what's coming.

It's gone. Into the black hole of "the move ate my stuff."

So I had to get creative when Christmas rolled around that year.

Meanwhile, I had a homemade wreath that clearly had seen better days. The little yarn "holly berries" were falling off and would not stay put, no matter how much glue I used. I set the wreath aside, loathe to part with something I made when my kids were young and money was tight.

While it sat aside, Christmas cards piled up.

Then an idea struck. 💡

The wreath could be re-purposed! I grabbed straight pins and started pinning the cards around the wreath.

My new card display was born! I was able to display all the cards, with minimal space, and still see my wreath.

Love this idea? The wreath is super simple to make*. Buy a styrofoam wreath base. Find green yarn and wrap the yarn around the base. Use sparkly red yarn to form a hanger. Ta-da! You have a card holder. Don't forget the straight pins for affixing the cards to the wreath. (The ones I linked to are adorable and will give you some dimension to your card wreath. But seriously, any straight pins will do - you might try the Dollar Tree while you're at it!)

*I'm not an affiliate with any craft stores so I won't make a dime if you click on them. I just wanted you to see the type I'm talking about. You might be able to find them at WalMart if yours still carries craft supplies.

Use the links or don't - but be sure to go get this stuff. I think you'll love the idea! It's also a fun activity for the kids to get involved.

And don't worry - I have more ideas for what to do with the cards AFTER Christmas. I'll share that post before New Years.

Pleas share pictures if you make this. I'd love to see what others have done!

What fun activities do you do with your Christmas cards during the season?

With Love this Advent,


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