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Thanksgiving Traditions

I love traditions. They bring me comfort and I love sharing them with my kids. I enjoy reflecting on the traditions of my youth, then recapturing them with my own kids.

On Thanksgiving morning, I make a simple breakfast - monkey bread is my favorite to serve. I make a pot of coffee and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while we eat and prepare the dinner. We have a pretty low-key day. I prepare special foods that represent both my family and my husband's family traditions.

When I'm rolling out the pie crusts, I remember doing this with my Mom growing up. We had such fun! I use the same recipes every year and we get out the fall-themed china we received from my husband's grandmother. When I was growing up my mom had special glasses that had pictures of pheasants on them. She would dip the rims in lemon juice, then in confectioner's sugar. She would them fill them with cranberry juice. We would work our way around our cup to get all the sugar while we drank. That was always such fun!

When the kids were little we would play football out back after dinner. We should do that again this year!

Do you have traditions in your family for Thanksgiving? I'd love to hear about them!

Not sure why family traditions are important? Check out this article.

Are you looking for some traditions? Focus on the Family has a great list for every holiday you can imagine. Here's the list for Thanksgiving. Maybe it will give you a jumping-off point for traditions in your family.

Happy Tradition Building!

❤️ Andrea

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