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Book Review: Before the Coffee Gets Cold

As a coffee drinker, the title grabbed my attention first. And honestly, unless I'm drinking an ICED coffee, then getting the coffee down before it's cold is the name of the game. So grab a hot cup of coffee and come with me...

Open the door and you'll hear the clang-dong of the bell. Walk down six steps and you find yourself in the basement cafe. Here they make a limited selection of coffees, but all specially prepared. There are almost always the same people here...four employees and a handful of guests. The tables are small and the room is windowless. It's easy to sip your coffee and pass the day away here. If you have regrets or simply want to revisit your past, you can sit at THAT table.

The one in the back.

Kazu will bring you a special cup of coffee in a special coffee pot. She will set the white cup on the table and remind you of the instructions...finish your visit and the coffee before the coffee gets cold, don't leave your seat, the present won't change, the other person must also have come to the cafe on the day you are visiting, and imagine the time you are visiting vividly.

What time would you revisit?

Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a tale told by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. It's a story of four pairs of people: the lovers, the husband and wife, the sisters, and the mother and child. One of each sits in THAT seat and travels back in time. And each of them is connected in some way.

The story is well told. It's not my normal genre, but as I said, the coffee got me interested.The story is woven together well and I came to love the characters. Each person that traveled through time learned a lesson that the reader can learn, as well. There were no language, sex, or violence elements to distract from this being a well-crafted story about regrets and choices. It's not a long read, nor is it super-emotional.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a good book, worthy of pre-bed reading. I hope you enjoy it!