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Sabbath Rest

Updated: Jun 9

I'm trying to dedicate Sunday posts to thinking about rest. I have a great discussion planned with some details, so stay tuned.

For today I have an acronym to help you think about what Sabbath rest might look like. Please know that I'm not going to define "Sabbath" for you. For me, that's Sunday. I understand all the reasons others celebrate Sabbath on Saturday. That distinction is less important to me than the fact that Christians get in the habit of taking a Sabbath rest.

One way we can think of rest is with the acronym above.

We begin by reflecting on what God did for us the previous week. How did God bless you? Sometimes we realize our blessings in retrospect, so the Sabbath is a good time to think about it. Take some time to talk with your family about how they were blessed in the previous week. The list may be longer than you thought!

Next, enjoy the time. Go outside and play! Throw a frisbee or football, go for a swim or a walk on the beach (or in the woods). Take a hike. Color with sidewalk chalk. If it's raining - dance! 💃🏻 Or watch a movie...binge a a puzzle...plan a scavenger hunt...make a fort...bake a cake...whatever it means for you to enjoy the day. It does NOT mean more work you didn't get done during the day.

Third, settle into the day. This happens when we take "enjoy" to the next level. We settle in and savor the moment. I understand some people will need to practice settling in a little at a time. That's okay! I truly believe you'll soon see the benefits and begin to carve out time to just BE for a while.

Finally, trust God with the next week. Trust that God has everything under control. You don't need to solve the problems of the universe today. For today, trust that it will all work out. Trust that you don't have to be in control of every little thing (that one gets me every time).

I hope this simple acronym helps you begin to define what a Sabbath rest looks like for you and your family.

Please let me know how it goes!

Happy rest,


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