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Updated: Oct 27

This page will be a growing list of all the products I recommend on my website or in my subscriber personal emails. I am an Amazon Associate so I may receive a small commission - learn more here.

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* Tastes Better From Scratch cookbook. Lauren's recipes at Tastes Better From Scratch are amazing. I've tried probably hundreds from the site and several from the cookbook. You won't be disappointed.


* Line journal with Bible verse

* When I was in therapy a few years ago, my counselor recommended this book and it was a life saver.

* This book is co-authored by Eugene Peterson (of The Message Bible) and focuses on the Psalms I wrote about above. Seriously, we can learn a lot from the Psalms!

* While not technically a book about anger, I highly recommend this book. I've read it and completed the Bible Study. It's all about soothing our soul and finding peace. If we have a soothed soul that's focused on God, we are much less likely to jump right to anger.

If there's a relationship that needs forgiveness in your life, don't put it off. I put it off for years in a few relationships and all it did was hurt me. Forgiveness is for YOU, not the other person. And it does not condone the behavior at all. This is the program I used and I highly recommend it.



2. Did you know Amazon has its own costume store!? I should have guessed. If we were in the market for a costume, this is totally where I'd go. No more running form store to store. That's a WIN for me!




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