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Planning vs. Commitment

For years I never set resolutions. I avoided them like covid. The few times I'd made them before, I failed. So it made no sense for me to try again when all I saw was failure. Instead I just floated year to year.

About five years ago I heard about choosing a word for the year. I started with abide and moved on from there as the Lord led me. Last year I chose the word shine and I also focused on a skill - not to make excuses (following the example of Jesus). This year my word is identity (my most important identity is being a child of God) and my skill is balance.

So I spend my year making decisions in light of my identity and practicing the art of balance in all areas of my life.

This year I also delved into PowerSheets by Cultivate What Matters. This company is all about helping people move from planning to committing to their goals. The genius is in the design. It is more than a trite, "you can do what you set your mind to" and "off you go!" Rather, they walk us through every desire, step by step, to make our dreams our reality. I'm so impressed! And no, I'm not am ambassador. I get nothing for telling you about this. I just truly love the system and believe everyone could benefit from it.

It's truly changing the structure of my weeks, though. Will I have weeks that fall apart? Sure! But I'll have other weeks that work. And I'll make notes about both so I can make success outweigh failure.

Do you have to use this system? No. But I encourage you go find some system that meets your needs. Go beyond your goal to detailed planning and then commitment.

It doesn't matter when you start. January -- June -- doesn't matter. Just start!

With love,

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