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Nutella cookies...You bet!!

Caramel-stuffed Nutella cookies, as a matter of fact.

I've been looking for a Nutella cookie recipe for a while. Not sure why I didn't check with Sally first. She's truly my go-to source for all things baking lately.

If you know me personally, you know that I love baking. I'm blessed to be able to eat only one of the things I bake, so I try to share the bounty.

I also figured I would share a review of this recipe so you know if it's worth your time.

First, it's a great cookie. It's tasty and multi-dimensional.

Second, it's Nutella. 'Nuf said?

Third, the sea salt transforms this cookie.

Fourth, if you have time and some baking experience, these are worth a try.

However, unlike many of Sally's recipes, I did find a few downsides to this one.

  • It takes time. So don't reach for this if you want a cookie in, say, 30 minutes. The dough needs to chill for at least 3 hours. Yikes. And I did make some after only chilling for about an hour. They were definitely sticky and hard to manage (as she says in the recipe). She does say you can chill them overnight. I did that with the rest of my dough and it was crumbly and too dry. I recommend starting them in the morning and sticking to the 3 hour chill time.

  • It's pricey. Between 3/4 c. Nutella, the 1 c. of hazelnuts (which I recently received from a neighbor, so thank God I didn't have to buy them), and the 2 packages of soft caramel Werther's (you can also use Rolos but I don't like them, so I obviously chose the Werther's).

  • It's tricky. You make a ball with the dough, smash it a bit, add a caramel (squished, if using Werther's), then make another ball and roll it all together, sealing in the caramel. That's another part of the time-consuming point. The upside is they make a huge cookie and my family liked that.

I'll be honest, after the 18 I rolled after the short chill and the 24 I rolled the next day, I was done. I decided to make a bar out of the rest of the dough.

I greased a rectangular glass baking dish and flattened the cookie dough in it. I baked it for longer than the cookies (eyeballed the time, sorry). When it was done, I plopped caramels all over the top and returned the pan to the hot, but not turned on, oven to melt the caramels. That part didn't go as planned - I thought they would melt on top so I could spread the caramels, but they sort of fell into the dough. Still yummy, just not as attractive.

If you go this route, I would use a liquid caramel (like for ice cream for Sally's amazing homemade kind) and drizzle over the individual bars when serving.

All that to say, they are worth it. But they aren't a "Christmas cookie factory" kind of cookie, in my opinion. They are a special treat kind of cookie for us. If you try them, let me know below!

Happy Baking,