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National Coffee Day: 39 Coffee & Coffee-Inspired Recipes

Updated: Oct 11

In anticipation of National Coffee Day on 9/29, I wanted to make a special post for you!

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If you've been with the Write.Speak.Relate community for long, you know that dessert and coffee are my trademark loves. National Coffee Day is one of my favorites!

I also fully believe that cooking/baking is one of my love languages. If I share goodies with you, that means I love you!

Since I can't bring coffee cupcakes to your house, I thought a recipe roundup would be the next best thing!


  • Caramel Brulee Latte Starbucks Copycat - this is a seasonal item, but if you make it yourself, it's a year-round goodie!

  • Salted Caramel Mocha Starbucks Copycat - this one is a huge hit for lots of people so it's good to keep the ingredients on hand.

  • Iced Caramel Macchiato - told by a Starbucks barista; this one is a classic.

  • Frothy Cafe Bombon - this looks so decadent! While I'm not generally a sweet coffee drinker (shocker, given how much I like baked goods), this one looks divine!

  • Honey Coffee - great for those avoiding refined sugar; I have lots of friends who prefer this recipe.

  • Spiced Morning Mocha - wonderful way to start the day.

  • Coffee with Cinnamon and Cloves - similar to the mocha above, but without milk; you could easily add milk (or half and half, my favorite for regular coffee)

  • Holiday Peppermint Mocha - this is my favorite drink from November - January if I'm going to go sweet and hot!

  • Dalgona Coffee - whipped coffee; you won't believe it, but this actually works and is very yummy!


  • Basic Frozen Coffee - this one starts with basic brewed coffee and uses ingredients and supplies you likely have already.

  • Blended Coffee Frappe - this is a tried and true recipe using espresso as a base. Don't have an espresso maker? You can buy espresso pods if you have a Keurig. You can also use instant espresso in a pinch.

  • Easy Frozen Coffee - This one is right up my alley - it has a very small amount of sugar (comparatively).

  • Skinny Frozen Coffee - Said to rival one at Dunkin'; this is worth a try!

  • Frozen Coconut Caramel Frappe - Sounds like dessert! BONUS: It includes a recipe for at-home cold brew. If you like iced coffee and haven't tried cold brew, this is a game changer!

  • Coffee Punch - Not quite a frozen coffee, but with the holidays coming punch is a must! I may or may not have made this for Christmas morning one year 😉



Coffee isn't just for breakfast and dessert! These days it's used in all kinds of recipes. Check these out:


Don't love coffee but love coffee cake? Here ya' go:

That's it for this fall's National Coffee Day. Please try some of these recipes. Comment below when you try some - I'd love to hear how you liked them. Bonus points if you post a pic and tag me on Instagram!

Love you! I'm going to go have a latte now. ☕️

🌸 Andrea

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