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My Newest Book: For Moms of New Babies

Updated: Jun 15

Nearly 17 years ago I was just starting the baby season. You know, a nursing-bottle feeding baby in my arms, a full schedule of appointments and playdates, a husband to take care of...all while my sweet baby was doing cute things every day and having "firsts" nearly every day, too. I was running here and there.

I had a decent calendar, but nowhere handy to keep all the cute memories. I wanted to remember all of them. His first smile...his giggle...the first time he got up on all fours to see the world just a bit differently...his first foods. I wrote them down in various places but I wanted a place to keep track of everything. I wanted to keep track of my schedule, his cuteness, my family to-do list, what the dr said at appointments, and so much more.

I looked and looked for some sort of book that would allow me to keep it all in one place, but to no avail. There were great calendars. And great memory books. But nothing that would allow me to keep it all together. My sister bought me a beautiful memory book, but I still needed a calendar. I also knew I didn't want to scribble in the gorgeous memory book with my 'on the run' observations.

So I decided to create what I needed.

I made a book with 52 weeks. Each two-page weekly spread features a Scripture for the week, weekly to-do list, Mom's Memory Prompt, daily appointment scheduling, daily journaling space, and an area to log daily firsts.

In addition to the weekly planning/journaling pages, there is a:

  • gift log, for both birth and first birthday. You can note the person who gave the gift, the item received, and if a thank you note was sent.

  • first birthday planner with areas to compare prices, select a theme, plan a guest list, and organize food ideas.

  • medical journal to log both sick and well visits. There is plenty of space for questions, notes about the visit, and health markers.

  • section of blank pages at the end for anything I may have missed for your particular needs.

The calendar-journal comes in three colors: green, blue, and pink.

I hope you find it useful, or will buy it for a friend. I've had several friends use it and they've all reported that it fulfilled the need intended. Even my friends who don't like to journal found the space to record events most helpful.

Enjoy this season - it flies by!

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