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More Encouragement at Work

I want to continue to address our work relationships. On Wednesday I addressed colleague support and today we move beyond that to any work relationships. Here are some great ways to provide encouragement at all levels:

* Tell someone they are doing a great job - be specific! What are they doing well or how are they doing it well?

* Tell your boss or employee you appreciate their hard work. This is especially appreciated during a high-stress, high production time. Don't wait until it's over! That's good, too, but in the heat of battle, encouragement tends to wane. Kick it up a notch!

* Ask about something personal, if that's appropriate. Think general,, hobbies, books, movies, time on vacation.

* Engage in a mentoring relationship! This one can be very encouraging. And it's important to be on both sides - the mentor and the mentee. Mentors at varying levels can be important to help our growth. My organization pairs us with people in different areas so there is no competition for resources. That works great! Harvard Business Review discusses reverse mentoring. This is a great strategy for younger employees (think Millennials) to share knowledge and skills they have that older employees may not have (especially technology-related). This builds up both employees in a non-threatening way.

My boss has been great about encouraging employees to engage in self-care. I hear other businesses are doing the same.

* Express gratitude! Research from Berkely shows that "gratitude and appreciation contribute to the kind of workplace environments where employees actually want to come to work and don't feel like cogs in a machine."

* Share ideas and members of your network.

I hope this gives you some starting points. Thinking to encourage at work may take a different way of thinking but can definitely benefit your work attitude and that of your colleagues.

Additional resources:

Another can't-go-wrong from John C. Maxwell: Mentoring 101;

I love this book! The author came to give a talk at my son's school and I was so happy I went. The message was great and the book was the perfect addition. A game plan for life

Harvard Business Review is a great resource on many topics. This one is for mentoring.

HBR guide to getting the mentoring you need.