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Millennials & Marriage: 5 Communication Tips

On Wednesday we learned four facts about what Millennials think of marriage. Today I'd like to address what this means to those of us who aren't Millennials.

  • It's okay to be different. While their views about getting married might be different, they aren't wrong. We might learn something from their caution.

  • If you post about marriage, be aware of the differences, especially if your target audience is Millennials (born roughly 1982-1996).

  • Judge less and ask more. Confused about their choices? Ask them about their decision-making process. Remember to ask with love and not judgment though. None of us liked to be judged for our choices, especially when we haven't explained why we made those choices. Encouragement is always a good strategy!

  • Many Millennials have concerns that they will lose their independence if they get married. While that may be true, to some extent, there are lots of ways to avoid it. If you navigated this well, share your positive expeirences. Explain how independence (me-focus) has its' place but can be balanced with inter-dependence (us-focused).

  • Millennials often have concerns about maintaining a career, furthering their education, and retaining their identity. Again, if they are open to suggestions, share what you've learned. Horror stories are generally not a good plan, though, so save those for your friends!

I hope this helps. My research shows that #Millennials are really just like the generations who came before them: they want a relationship they can count on, that serves a purpose. Maybe if we focus on those similarities, we can bridge the perceived gap between "them" and "us."

With love,


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