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Mean Girls

With schools back in session, and most of them in person, it seems a good time to refresh ourselves about human kindness. My youngest son's school focuses on kindness and while he gets sick of hearing about it, it's an important message.

We don't have to like someone to be kind to them.

We don't have to agree with someone to be kind to them.

We don't have to understand someone to be kind to them.

Kindness means saying hello, holding a door for someone whose hands are full (or even if they aren't), saying please and thank you, looking someone in the eye, responding when spoken to, making random acts of kindness like paying for the person behind you in line.

The meaning of kindness is as diverse as we are - we can be kind through thousands of small actions every day.

Every time I hear this song, my heart goes out to the millions of our sons and daughters being bullied for who they are. While this song is about girls, boys are not exempt.

With loving kindness,


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