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Jesus & Social Media

This is a fantastic article about social media. Karen Ehman says it better than I could in a short amount of space. I love how she intertwines Scripture and communication skill.

Take her advice and use her tips!

Like her tips? Karen has some great books*:

This one is all about hospitality. I"ll be honest - my husband is a much better host than I am so this book is a Godsend!

This book is about how to show people we love them. I'm sure we all need more of this! Her easy writing style makes the ideas seem very doable.

I love having a settled soul. Karen gives great suggestions in this book for finding and keeping our peace with Jesus.

This subtitle always makes me laugh! If you're married you totally get it - sometimes our spouse drives us crazy! Her lighthearted approach makes this a good read.

Karen Ehman has lots of other books, this is just a small sampling of my favorites. Check out her others here.

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