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How to Score Big on School Supplies

Regardless of what format our kids are using for school - in person, home virtual, or some hybrid model - they all need school supplies.

Everyone is looking for a deal on those school supplies. And we all know that LONG list of supplies we had to buy won't even last until Christmas! But I have good news. Just like Christmas decorations go on sale close to, or after, the holiday, so do back-to-school supplies.

Some places even have free supplies - I know lots of non-profits and churches are giving away backpacks loaded with school supplies. Just search for "free school supplies near me" or "free back to school backpacks near me" to find a location.

First, while I know Google and Amazon have cornered the market on, well, everything, Google Shopping does have a price comparison area. This can help you find the best deals all year. They even have a school supply dedicated area.

Second, don't forget the dollar store. They have sales, too! While sometimes shopping there isn't the best choice because you don't get a lot of any item, sometimes it totally pays off, especially if you can buy a little at a time to save for mid-year.

Third, Walmart may be low on your list of favorite stores, but they do have lots of back-to-school supplies. they even have a back-to-school section online. Right now I'm finding better sales in their stores, though, so check the shelves every day or so. They have mask lanyards on their website and you can find mechanical pencils in the store and online.

Fourth, Target has some great sales online right now. Again, you may find even better deals if you swing by and check the shelves every day or so.

Fifth, Big Lots may have some supplies you are looking for. They can be hit and miss, so you may need to stop in frequently and check a few different locations. But their sales can be great!

Finally, don't forget places you might not normally think of for back-to-school supplies. I would go to these stores in person and see what you can find: Lowes, Home Depot, grocery store, T J Maxx, Ross, Bealls, Belk, 5 Below, Office Depot, Office Max, and Aldi.

Have you found good sales at an off-the-beaten-path location? Let us know! Share your finds below. (scroll to the very bottom for comment area)

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