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Creative Ways to Say Thank You

If you've been reading at Write.Speak.Relate a while, you know that I'm an introvert at heart. My mom did fantastic teaching me how to pretend I'm an extrovert, but it's exhausting. Give me a book and a cup of coffee any day over socializing, please.

I love friends and I really do love hearing people's stories. I enjoy being a friend and helping others. Those activities just don't energize me. Today I was home alone for a few hours and cleaned, baked bread, did several loads of laundry, scheduled appointments, took a walk, and LOVED every quiet minute of it.

Given the choice between a phone call or an email, I'm most likely to choose the email. I can do it on my own time and phrase everything just right. I remember once telling my sister that I would rather text a thank you than call because when I call I have to SOUND thankful...and some days I just didn't feel like making the effort.

Have you ever been there? Some days it's just so much easier to text a thought or feeling than to talk to someone live and make the effort to really connect with my tone of voice and attention.

These days, especially after being shut down for so long, many people are craving connection. Even if it requires a bit more effort. Yet others are basking in the glory of NOT needing to connect and are retreating even more into a text-only world.

During this season of Thanksgiving, however, I'd like to encourage you with some creative ways to demonstrate thankfulness. All will require at least a bit of time and some require more connection. But I promise that it's wroth the time and energy!

  • The best place to begin this list is a thank you note. (Thanks, Mom, for making me send these all those years! 💜) I'm not talking a text here - I mean the real deal. You buy a thank you card and hand write why you love the gift/gesture/thoughtfulness. Be sincere! We all love receiving hand written notes more than ever now. The dancing chicken in the picture was one from a thank you note I received. It makes me smile every time I look at it!

  • Call them! Make some time to place an actual phone call to tell the person how much you appreciate his/her gift/gesture/thoughtfulness. If you like video calls, go the extra step and look them in the face to tell them. Regardless of the means of calling, don't multitask. Just give them your undivided attention and be sincere with your gratefulness.

  • Depending on the gesture, a thank you gift may be in order. I recently made a trip to help someone after surgery and I received a thank you in the form of a gift card for a massage. Wow. That was an amazing thank you gift! What makes a good thank you gift? Something they love! Consider these:

  • Gift card for massage. Massage Envy and Hand & Stone have locations around the US.

  • Gift card for their favorite shop or restaurant, especially one they won't typically visit for themselves.

  • Book by their favorite author

  • Beauty gift card: Ulta, Sephora, Bath & Body Works, or The Body Shop are good ideas all around the country.

  • Right now gift baskets abound in nearly every store. These can be a great gesture of thankfulness. If it's not the holiday season, here's a fun place I saw that has some great options off the beaten path.

  • Etsy is another place to find a great personalized gift or gift basket. I recently sent one to someone with items sourced in Florida (since that's where I live) and it was a big hit. You can really be creative here!

  • Take them for a walk - grab a coffee or tea and enjoy some time together.

  • Offer to watch his/her kids for a while.

  • Return the favor! Did she make you dinner when you were overly stressed? Make her dinner when you know she's stretched a bit. This one speaks to me as I know it takes time to pull together a meal for someone else. Make the most of your time and just double something you are making for your family. Don't forget dessert - even if it's fruit or a half gallon of ice cream.

  • Are you an artist or love to create? Give him/her something special that you make just for them. It will always be special.

  • Sometimes the gift of time is the best gift. Have you been busy lately and maybe not spent time with the person? Set a date and make it happen. Go over (or invite her to your house) and just visit a while. It's NOT a waste of time to cultivate our friendships.

  • Give a social media shout out - bonus points if you include the gift or a representation of the item in a picture! I tend to forget about this one but most people really feel honored when others express public gratitude.

  • Bake a thank you gift. When times were tough and money was non-existent, I used this one a lot. I gave cookies for kids birthday gifts and thank you gifts for several years. The recipients loved them, they didn't collect dust, and I felt like I gave a piece of myself without needing to tap into resources that didn't exist.

  • Get the kids involved! Most kids love making cards or pictures. Enlist their help to express your gratitude.

This is just a start! Take some time and move beyond a text "thank yoU" this season. Be creative and reach out with sincerity. I predict you'll be glad you did!

By the way, while you're at it, remember to thank God for your friend's thoughtfulness (Psalm 100:4). Friends are one of our greatest blessings.

What creative acts of gratitude have you received or sent?

Share them in the comments section so we can learn from you, too!

Thanks for taking time to read my post.

If it was helpful bookmark it or pin it so you can draw from it when needed.

I'm always honored if people like my posts enough to share them with their friends. 💝

Be well!


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