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Bible Study: Hospitality, Part I

I know I mentioned this before, but I love Bible Studies. I love digging into Scripture and learning what God has for us to know. I've done all kinds of studies over the years and certainly have my favorites.

I also learned a few years ago that I don't need to rely on a Bible study expert to tell me how to interpret the Bible. I can use the Bible to help me do that. Since then I've done many studies on my own and it's always extra rewarding.

I recently decided to record a lesson for how to do a self-study of the Bible. I chose the topic of hospitality because we are certainly in the season of hospitality. And I thought it would be helpful to know what the Bible says about it.

As an introvert, I am always hesitant to open my house and practice hospitality. But the study has been enlightening.

So, grab your Bible Study journal (or any notebook, really) and come along. I encourage you to watch what I'm doing (your phone will work best for this), then use your own computer or tablet to mirror what I'm doing so you learn how to do it. Then, when you want to take notes just pause my video and dig in!

I hope you enjoy this. I'm working on the conclusion and will post that soon.

Happy Studying!

💙 Andrea

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