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A long wait

The story of Joseph is one of my favorites. It tells a story that reminds me God has not forgotten me.

Where this verse picks up, Joseph has been in jail for two full years. He's been waiting for the cupbearer to remind Pharoah about him. I'm sure he was wondering all kinds of things in jail. I know I've wondered them while I wait. Maybe you have, too.

"Why me?"

"When, Lord?"

"Is this really the plan, God?"

"Will it ever get better?" (we ask everyone)

But what Joseph didn't know...what we don't always that God is working other things out while we wait.

Think of a map. You're in Florida, waiting for God to move in some area of your life. But maybe someone in Seattle needs to do something, so someone in Arkansas can do their part, sho someone else can do their part, that finally lines everything up for you to do what God has for you in Florida. It takes time for all the pieces to move. And we don't see them all.

God was moving in Joseph's life, too. This timing is always perfect (Ecclesiastes 8:6). God planned that Joseph would be removed at the perfect time to be positioned to help Pharoah and the Israelites. He just didn't know all that while he waited.

So take heart. God has a wonderful plan. Our job is to simply trust in the waiting.