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5 Ways to Encourage Success at School

(Originally published January 11th, 2021 on my former web-hosting platform.)

Studies reported in the Center for Educational Policies Journal show that parental involvement with our children's education encourages their scholastic achievement. That involvement is more important to their academic success than income, race, ethnicity, or parent's educational background. Clearly, our encouragement is pretty important!

There are some simple ways we can be involved in our children's schooling and thus encourage their success.

  1. We can partner with teachers - communicate with them about concerns and successes, schedule regular parent-teacher meetings to discuss in-class performance and any teacher observations, and ask for guidance when needed.

  2. At home we can engage and encourage our children:

  3. by ensuring they have a good balance of work, play, and rest time.

  4. by establishing a good space for doing homework. I've discovered that's not always the place I would like them to work, but it works for them. In our house homework is rarely done in a bedroom, however. We find that there are too many distractions for our kids and we can't help redirect them as easily.

  5. by being aware of what work needs to be done so you can follow up with your child.

  6. by helping them to set boundaries on their time. Some activities are fun but should be postponed until work is successfully completed.

This is just a short list.

Look at your needs and make changes accordingly. Our children spend a lot of time in school and we all want them to be successful.

A small amount of encouragement can go a long way toward achieving that goal!


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